Chapter 2

WLW Chapters 2 & 3

John Piper

John Piper

WLW Chapters 2 & 3

Welcome back ladies to our summer book club reading Women Living Well by Courtney Joseph! If you missed Chapter 1′s discussion, click here.  Sorry we are now a week behind. Belize took 2 weeks instead of 1, but now we are going to discuss chapters 2 and 3. Updated Weekly Reading Schedule is here.>>Calendar of Chapters

“During our discussion of chapter 1, a lot of women said the #1 hindrance to setting aside time to be in God’s word was “busyness”.  We are simply too busy…or so busy – we aren’t carving time out for God.” –Courtney Joseph

I love how Courtney is so “real” and honest. I know I’ve said it before, but I can’t say it enough. She is definitely a good role model for all christian mommy wives! I love several points in Chapter 2: No Time for Quiet Time

“The Busy Mom’s Guide to Meditating on a Passage of Scripture” (click link).

  1. Choose a passage of Scripture for the week.
  2. Write the passage on a note card and slip it in your pocket.
  3. Open your Bible to the passage, and place it on the kitchen counter.
  4. Read the passage out loud.
  5. Read the passage first thing in the morning.
  6. Read the passage before you go to bed at night.
  7. Write the verse at the top of your to-do list.

Take the challenge today! Pick ANY verse and do steps 1-7 this week! Let me know which verse you choose and we can keep each other accountable!

I love this quote because it’s so true! “If you fail to plan, you’re planning to fail.” (pg 17) She goes to talk about how if you don’t plan your meals you’ll end up scrambling for something at the last minute. I know Chris and I do this ALL THE TIME! I try to plan meals when I’m at the grocery store, but if I don’t it gets ugly and he gets grumpy. The quote can go with anything in your life. You fill in the blank! She goes to talk about how we should PLAN to have a quiet time with God.

Here’s her few tips:

  1. Plan When- you’ll have your quiet time
  2. Plan Where- she talks about her prayer closet
  3. Plan How- she gives different suggestions and ideas how to have your own quiet time designed for you (pg. 19) and even how to do an advanced “word” study (pg. 21).
    • Write out your verse of the week on a note card or keep your Bible open in the kitchen to this passage.
    • Follow a yearly Bible reading plan. has a helpful tool where you can custom build your reading plan.
    • There are thirty-one chapters in Proverbs. Read a proverb a day for each day of the month.
    • Read with a pen in your hand. If there is something you are dealing with in your life, as you read, mark the passages that speak to you.
    • Use colored pencils and a symbol system. Highlighters can bleed through the passage, so colored pencils work well. (Courtney’s mom had Lord marked with a yellow triangle, blood marked with a red teardrop, and holy marked with an orange fire.) I use to do this when I was younger an draw an angel whenever I saw the word. It brings the Bible to life, seeing pictures. Maybe it’s just me!
    • Use a five-subject notebook to journal what you are learning. You can journal anything from thoughts to applications to key verses to songs to quotes to prayers and confessions.
    • Use the SOAP method to study a book of the Bible (pg 20). uses this method. They also have free Bible reading plans, e-books, videos, extra resources, and even accountability groups.
    • Do a word study. Determine what you would like to know more about from God’s word.

Chapter 2Memorize Scripture: example- draw a picture (My Mommy’s WifeGroup does this! It’s fun to bring out those crayons!) or writing it down however many words there are. Purchase a Bible Study Book if all else fails.

“There are ways to soak in God’s word even if you are busy. You simply have to want it… There’s a whole host of ideas listed on page 19 for you. The key is to understand that without a plan- plan to FAIL. Planning is the key to living a disciplined life that includes a daily quiet time.” -Courtney Joseph

Ending the chapter, “He wants to reveal to us areas we need to mature in and fill us up with love, joy, and hope. He wants to be thanked and worshiped. He wants us to be still and know that He is God. (Ps. 46:10).”

Chapter 3: How Thirsty Am I?

I love how she opened the chapter describing her quiet time in her kitchen and how it’s perfect… “except there’s one problem. Me! I can’t focus. My mind seems to wander everywhere but to God’s word and prayer.” -Courtney Joseph

I know how she feels! I find myself doing that too when I’m praying. There’s so many thoughts going through ourChapter 3 head it’s hard for me to stay on track. She suggested doing a prayer journal. I have done this before and it helps! Especially if you pray out loud. You will be amazed at what you say when praying out loud. At first you feel a little silly, but before you realize it, you will have been praying for 30 minutes out loud! She talks about how she journals moments that she shares with God her joys, hurts, anger, sadness, delights, passions, etc. She also shares what a morning prayer throughout her house looks like praying for her family as she picks up the house. “If you don’t pray for them, who will?” (pg 27)

She talks about waiting to hear from God (remembering Isaiah 40:28-31), the echoes of silence (Psalm 121:1-3), when our thirst for God cannot be quenched, “It’s time to fast” (pg 31), and living the satisfied life. Have you ever fasted before? A real spiritual 24 hour fast?

“Fasting is a servant. In its quiet moments, it brings out your soul’s struggles. The hope of a bag of chips or a gallon of ice cream to drown your sorrows is stripped away, and you find yourself raw before God’s throne. On days of fasting for me, I do not watch television and have minimal computer time or texting.” -Courtney Joseph

1.)  From Chapter 2:  When, where and how are you studying God’s word right now?

2.)  Read Luke 5:12-16 – what was Jesus doing here?  How can we, as busy women, follow his example?

3.)  From Chapter 3:  How can you improve your prayer life this year?

4.) What are some ways you have found to study?

Want to hear from the author?

Father, may I never forget the powerful and amazing ways You provide for me as I thirst after You and Your word.  Teach me to wait on You with patience and eager expectation as I go about serving my family. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

The Webcast below is Angela, Whitney, Jennifer and Courtney from talking about “Your Walk with God.” It is rather long, but if you have time, I encourage you to watch it! The first 21 minutes is Angela’s keynote and the last 25 minutes are a couch discussion that Courtney had with the contributors.

Global Plaque

Belize Missions at Global Outreach

Belize Missions

“By God’s grace & mighty power, I have been given the privilege of serving him by spreading this Good News.” -Ephesians 3:7

IMG_6816Well guys, I’m in awe, speechless, blessed, emotional, overwhelmed, anxious, excited, exhausted, amazed, astounded, and the list goes on and on about how I feel after my  Belize Missons trip. I had an amazing week in Belize at Global Outreach Belize Vo-Tech School. Even though it’s my 3rd year to go, it’s still unbelievably hard to leave them after only staying for a week. However, it has been a “tad” bit easier to get back to routine. First year when I went, I was a complete mess for three straight months. Last year, it wasn’t as bad, but I still cried for a straight month. This year, I can actually talk about it and share my experience when people ask me without crying. Ok, I did cry one time. If any of you have ever gone on a missions trip, you know how life changing it is. God is so good to me! A little background about our past missions trip, our church decided to go on a missions trip to the Global Outreach Belize Vo-Tech School in Belmopan, Belize in June of 2012. When I watched the video about the school, I was a little skeptical about the whole thing because one, this was an all-boys school and I am a girl, two, this was a trade school where the boys are learning either Precious!woodworking and mechanics, which I know nothing about either, and three, I really think Chris (my husband) should be going on this trip, not me. This type of thing was right up my husband’s alley, not mine. These thoughts were only telling me every reason not to go. Then I decided to tell the devil to flee from me and start listening to God. I told myself, “If God wants me to go, He’ll find a way and provide.” And oh boy did he. He showed me how I could love someone so much and care for them when I had only met them for a few days. I wept for these boys and cried to Jesus to forgive me for my selfish desires and to wrap His arms around these boys as they are being taught the Bible, a trade, how to treat women, and most importantly, raising Boys to be Men of God. This school does so much for these boys. It gives them a hope for their future to be able to provide for their family one day. These boys come from broken homes and Global Outreach gives them purpose. They stay at the school for a total of three years. In those three short years, they teach them:

  • Responsibility with giving them chores (cleaning the kitchen [washing dishes, sweeping, mopping, wiping tables], cleaning bathrooms, mowing grass, keeping the campus clean, killing chickens [yes I witnessed this!!], gardening, trimming trees, etc.)
  • Academics (computer skills, math, science, English, etc.)
  • the Bible (daily quiet times, devotions, worship, memorizing scripture, and even acting out Bible stories)
  • A Trade (woodworking or mechanics)
  • To Be a Man of GodPrecious in HIS Sight

The last one is so important and is the school’s purpose. The boys may not come from a home with a father or a father who treats his wife with respect, but the school models how Men of God should live and treat their families and women. The school keeps them involved in a church attending every Sunday and Wednesday night (Living Waters Fellowship Church) where Brother Francis Wade (Bro. Frankie) is also the pastor there. Bro. Frankie is also the director at the school. He was one of the first students when Global first started.

Every year I seeIMG_7221m to learn something new or see something I didn’t see the previous years from shy grass to seeing the inside of the boys dorms and showers to seeing chickens being killed. As heartbreaking as it is to see what they live in, they are more than grateful to have another place to call home. Arriving on campus seeing familiar faces, everyone greets you and says, “Welcome back!” I am quick to correct them and say, “You mean welcome home!” I think of Global Outreach as my other home, because God knows, part of my heart will always be in Belize.

God showed me a verse during devotion that stuck with me the whole week and kept my focus on what He wanted & that was Colossians 3:1-4:

“Since then, you have been raised with Christ, set your hearts on things above, where Christ is, seated at the right hand of God. Set your minds on things above, not on earthly things. For you died, and your life is now hidden with Christ in God. When Christ, who is your life, appears , then you also will appear with him in Glory.”

“’For you died to this life’ means that we should have as little desire for improper worldly pleasures as a dead person would have. This truth provides a different perspective on our lives here on earth. To think about the things of heaven, means to look at life from God’s perspective and see what he desires. By seeking what Christ desires, we have the power to break our obsession with pleasure and leisure activities. But it also provides the antidote to empty religiosity because following Christ means loving and serving this world” (Life Application Bible).

Jose and Me

Jose and I

I want to repeat that line again, “to think about the things of heaven, means to look at life from Gods perspective and see what he desires.” That is so powerful to me and those verses helped me get through the week to focus on Him and soak up the time I had left with these boys.

There are so many blessings God gave me on this trip; it’s hard to pick a few.

Jose (graduated last year) being part of our mission team was a blessing and seeing him being able to be on the other side giving back to the school when he was a student for three years. The team got to see the Jose Angie and I fell in love with our first year to global. I know Angie can agree when I say that seeing Jose just one more time was worth the whole trip. You’ll notice most of my pictures are of Jose!

I'm so proud of him!

I’m so proud of him!

One of my biggest blessings was seeing Elvis. I have been sponsoring him since 2012 and I love being able to look back and see how much he has grown in 3 years. I have written him every month since our first trip to Belize in 2011, encouraging him and learning more about him, asking how school is going and then I get the real story from Mrs. Trisha or Mrs. Ashley telling me otherwise! You see last year, I received a letter and it wasn’t from Elvis, it was from Ashley. Elvis was on the verge of getting kicked out. So close, he had one more chance before it was his last. Being a sponsor, you get updates about your boy and how he’s doing. Ashley (the missionary there) then went on to tell me that if I wasn’t coming with the mission team to see him, that I needed to make a personal trip come and talk with him. That you see is how powerful our relationships are with these boys. Just us opening up to them, telling them how much we love them, and sponsoring them, creates a relationship with them that impacts their life forever. Sadly, Elvis graduates in 3 days, but I know he has learned so much in the 3 years he’s been at Global to make him a better man not only in life, but a boy to be a man of Christ.

Worship with Boys Last DaySince he is graduating, that means I will be a sponsoring someone new. I asked Brother Frankie and he informed me that all the seniors next year still need sponsorships and two other 1st years. This doesn’t include the 15 new 1st years that will start in the fall. Sponsoring a boy isn’t complicated. It isn’t like Compassion or other monthly child sponsorships. You can sponsor a boy at Global with however much you can afford and God places on your heart. They don’t require you to give a set amount each month; the amount is up to you and what God leads you to give. Your monthly donation can be anywhere from $10 to $100 a month depending on what you can do financially (one full sponsorship is $300USD). Believe me if my husband would let me, I would give it all to them. The best part about sponsoring is getting to know them and knowing that you are part of the reason why they are getting this amazing opportunity to attend Global. You are a part of them learning: academics, the Bible, and even a trade to help them in the future. But most importantly, you are helping them by leading them to Christ. Sponsoring is easy and it can be taken out of your account monthly if you wish or you can mail a check. They are in need of sponsorships for these boys. If you are interested in sponsoring a boy, you can e-mail Rose @ and tell her you are interested in sponsoring a boy. I can also give you the address to send letters and get you more information, just let me know!! And who knows, you can even meet him one day! If you don’t want to sponsor and just want to give to the school, you can do so here. Best Part, 100% of your designated contribution goes to their ministry account. How often do you hear that? LIKE Belize Vo-Tech on Facebook here

Below is a picture of the boys this past school year 2013-2014. These boys are so precious and mean so much to me! boys 2013-2014 school yrThe ones in red are seniors and will be graduating Thursday. The ones in green all need sponsors and Benjamin and Joffrie in yellow are the 1st years (2nd years next year) left to be sponsored and then 15 1st years that will be added in the fall. If you can, please repost this on Facebook/Twitter. The more people share, the more people will be aware and can change lives! Thank you!

Seniors 2014 Invitation


I want to end with this; the words from Matthew West’s song, Do Something:

I woke up this morning
Saw a world full of trouble now
Thought, how’d we ever get so far down
How’s it ever gonna turn around
So I turned my eyes to Heaven
I thought, “God, why don’t You do something?”
Well, I just couldn’t bear the thought of
People living in poverty
Children sold into slavery
The thought disgusted me
So, I shook my fist at Heaven
Said, “God, why don’t You do something?”
He said, “I did, I created you”
If not us, then who
If not me and you
Right now, it’s time for us to do something
If not now, then when
Will we see an end
To all this pain
It’s not enough to do nothing
It’s time for us to do something
I’m so tired of talking
About how we are God’s hands and feet
But it’s easier to say than to be
Live like angels of apathy who tell ourselves
It’s alright, “somebody else will do something”
Well, I don’t know about you
But I’m sick and tired of life with no desire
I don’t want a flame, I want a fire
I wanna be the one who stands up and says,
I’m gonna do something”


Want to see more pictures from my trip? Click Here!